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Content Management Solutions
In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations are faced with the continual challenge of reducing costs and improving business performance by:
  • Capturing, managing, contextualizing and making available increasing volumes of business content;
  • Getting the right information to the right people, at the right time, in the right context, to make a positive impact on business performance;
  • Taking advantage of the increasing amount of corporate data across disparate sources to expedite business decisions.
At CompWorldwide, we provide content management solutions that address all facets of the information life cycle: acquisition or creation, secure management, storage, contextualization, review/ approval, publishing, and final delivery in the context of the specific business process.

Content is essential to all business processes and managing it is a challenge every organization faces. Content Management enables businesses to create, manage, share, integrate and deliver critical business information on demand. Various information types include images, documents, reports, e-mail, web content, e-records, multimedia, computer report output and more. The integrated, comprehensive content management portfolio assists organizations that must improve productivity, enhance responsiveness, and meet the demands of regulatory compliance.

Business users are empowered to create, publish and manage their own Web content by means of an Internet browser or even Microsoft Word. This enables the employees to realize the full potential of the corporate Web sites by using them as business tools for communication with customers, partners, and coworkers.

With a high level of functionality, a new rapid application development environment, production quality solutions sites, and prescriptive best practices,
your organization can build and deploy powerful e-business Web sites in record time.

The CMS must provide a seamless and powerful environment for content creators. This ensures that authors have easy access to the full range of features provided by the CMS. The core of most CMS solutions is a central repository, supported by a range of tools for manipulating and managing the content.

We start a typical ECM implementation with an analysis phase where our experts gather information pertaining to the types of content, their structure, sources, the workflows behind the creation and approval of that content, delivery channels and their formats etc. This data is subjected to in-depth analysis and then the planning for Design & implementation is done. Design involves repository definitions, taxonomy designs, search engine integration, and integration with the application engines.

Our experts, based on their years of implementation experience, have identified and pre-designed some core aspects of ECM systems like templates, meta-data specifications etc. These are customized to the specific business needs and implemented in line with the organizational requirements. Availability of these standard components reduces the effort towards design & development of the ECM systems.
Our enterprise content management service offerings include
  • Enterprise content management tool evaluation
  • Content migration
  • Taxonomy and categorization service
  • End-to-end enterprise content management analysis, requirements, design and implementation
  • Enterprise workflow
  • Audit trails
  • Content aggregation & syndication services
  • Content categorization and meta-tagging
  • Search tool integration
  • Content management tools migration services
Our team has expertise in implementing Content Management solutions using the following tools:


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